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    Jinhua kaida ultrasonic equipment co., LTD is specializing in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines and electroplating, the electrolytic switch power supply enterprise, strong technical force, set many years of research, design, manufacturing ultrasonic equipment with abundant strength, scientific management methods, advanced equipment, high-quality staff, USES the import high quality components and raw materials, production of more than a dozen series, dozens of specifications of the small, single groove, groove, the gas phase and intelligent control automatic complete varieties of standard ultrasonic cleaning machine and all kinds of electroplating, electrolysis with switching power supply. Special requirements of non-standard design and production industries efficient, intelligent series ultrasonic cleaning systems engineering.
    "Al-qaeda" brand ultrasonic series products, widely used in cleaning electronic circuit boards, bearing components, optical lenses, automotive parts, vacuum ion plating parts, metal plating parts, audio head, precision metal parts, medical equipment, liquid crystal display, aviation industries such as special cleaning machinery. Won a good reputation in the customers at home and abroad.
    "To the science and technology progress, quality first, customer first, honesty." It is our company consistent management aim.
    We will be quality products, reasonable price, best service, fast enthusiasm for the general customer service.

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